We are the Mold Monkies


Music that pops.

For some people, “pop” doesn't mean the stuff that oozes from top-40 stations these days. For a select group of music lovers, “pop” means songs with energy. Songs with guitars that refuse to be ignored. Songs that wear their joy and heartbreak on their sleeve with a wry smirk and a quick one-liner. Power pop — accent on the power.

The Mold Monkies are for people who love that kind of pop. This music is for people who aren't afraid to feel, but also dare to be a bit silly. Above all, it’s for people who can't live from one day to the next without a catchy melody careening through their heads.

So if you're one of those people, take a listen. We don't think you'll be disappointed.

Next show:
The Outer Space Ballroom, Hamden (opening for Pugwash), 3/13/15

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I Gotta Run (live)

Hobo Rocket (live)

Jimmy Carter
Saved the Day

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