We are the Mold Monkies

The CDs

Stoats Afire!

Released July 2010 on Buzzbaby Records


  1. Feel All Right
  2. Ports and Borders
  3. Hobo Rocket
  4. Out of the Burn
  5. Hound of Heaven
  6. This Electric
  7. Glass Elephant
  8. A New England
  9. Jimmy Carter Saved the Day
  10. Sick Puppy
  11. I Gotta Run
  12. Monkie Do
  13. Get It Out of Me!
  14. The Fine Line
  15. Average Plan

O Brave Yet Ignorant Swine

First Mold Monkies CD
Released July 2005 on Buzzbaby Records


  1. No No No No
  2. Little House of Pain
  3. Nixon's Nose
  4. End of the Show
  5. Mold Monkies Theme   FREE DOWNLOAD
  6. John
  7. Out of Control
  8. Out of My Mind
  9. Life in the Big City
  10. Asylum Street
  11. Media (Live Our Dream)
  12. The Big Lie
  13. Work Harder
  14. On, On, On, On

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