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Our first gig in years — and a new EP!

3.22.18: We are still working on a third CD. In the meantime, to satisfy those who have been clamoring for new Mold Monkies material (all none of you), we will have “Felonious Monks,” a limited-edition EP, available at our show April 5, 2018 at Best Video Film & Cultural Center! We don’t play out very often, so you should probably show up.

Back to the Daffodil Festival!

2.13.13: On Sunday, April 28, 2013, the Mold Monkies will return to the site of their CD release Stoats Afire! — the always fun and awesome two-day Meriden Daffodil Festival! Stay tuned for more info!

Film release ‘Burial Boys’ features MM songs

9.2.10: Several Mold Monkies songs were featured in the new comedy Burial Boys, which had its theatrical debut at Holiday Cinemas in Wallingford on September 2. The comedy involves a man who takes charge of a struggling mortuary – and adopts some extreme measures to scare up business.

CD release party – Meriden Daffodil Festival

2.18.10: Our brand-new CD Stoats Afire! will have its debut release at the Meriden Daffodil Festival in Meriden, Conn., on Saturday, April 24. Come down and see us play at 7:45 p.m. on the Welcome Stage, and pick up a copy of the new album! Great bands all day, and fireworks right after we finish ...

It’s not really news, but …

11.29.09: No news is … well, it’s basically that. No news. We are, however, coming close to getting the mixes done for the new CD, and they sound great. We just wanted you to know we’re still alive and kicking. We opened for The Figgs in October, and we’re joining Brooklyn power-poppers Boy Genius to celebrate our friend Steve Deal’s new solo CD “Radio Twelve” on January 8 at Café Nine.

Not Lame: Purveyor of fine Monky music since ’08

6.26.08: The Mold Monkies’ debut CD, O Brave Yet Ignorant Swine, can now be found on the Big Kahuna of all power-pop music sites – Not Lame Recordings. Go check ’em out – they have all sorts of great music – some by famous bands, some by bands that should be famous. Bruce Brodeen rocks – go show him some love!

‘Bikini Blood Bath Car Wash’ to feature MM songs

4.25.08: Two Mold Monkies songs, ‘No No No No’ and ‘End of the Show,’ will be featured in the upcoming feature film, ‘Bikini Bloodbath Car Wash.’ The movie, produced by (surprise) Bikini Bloodbath Pictures, is in postproduction now and expected to see release later this year. Russell’s excited about the prospect of having his own IMDb profile page. Horror fans, stay tuned for more!

Monkies brew up special gig at New England Brewing

4.25.08: The Mold Monkies return to the scene of the crime on Friday, July 25, when we revisit the New England Brewing Company, Connecticut’s premier manufacturer and purveyor of hops-intensive Fizzy Lifting Drink! Last year’s show was fantastic, and we haven’t played out for a while, so we’re pumped! The brewery is at 7 Selden Street in Woodbridge. Doors open at 6; Monkies at 7.

Monkies featured on Local Bands’ 1000th show

7.21.07: The Local Bands Show, New Haven’s radio program for local music on 99.1 WPLR, featured the Mold Monkies among the bands played on the show’s 1000th episode, among such luminaries as Mark Mulcahy, The Gravel Pit and The Bomb Squad. We are honored! The episode aired July 15, but you can listen to a replay at the web site, or catch the show weekly on Saturday night at 10 p.m. Thanks to James Velvet and Rick Allison for their support!

Monkies brew up special gig at New England Brewing

7.19.07: We’ve been playing out less while we’re working hard on the new CD, but we are going to have a big show Friday, August 31, at the New England Brewing Company, Connecticut’s premier manufacturer and purveyor of hops-based Temporary Happiness Facilitator! Come join us for an evening of fun and suds. The brewery is at 7 Selden Street in Woodbridge. Doors open at 6; Monkies at 7!

Iron-men Mold Monkies play double booking!

12.8.06: Taking a cue from those race-car drivers who try to do the Indy 500 and the Coca-Cola 600 in one day, the Mold Monkies will be playing two gigs in one night on Thursday, December 14.

First, come get all artsy with the Mold Monkies! We’ll be playing the Studio 70 performance space at 70 Audubon Street, New Haven, for Late Night Thursdays, showcasing New Haven’s creative center – the Audubon Arts District. The show starts at 8 p.m.

Then, the band will be running pell-mell downtown to Toad's Place to join in the New Haven Ragefest! The show starts at 8, and the Monkies go on at 11 p.m. Also appearing are the excellent Covin, The Smyrk, and These Green Eyes. Come for one show, or go see both and be as tired as we’ll be the next morning! Woo-hoo!

Monkies open Little Steven’s tour at Toad’s

10.17.06: The Mold Monkies got the opportunity to play amidst smoke and go-go girls when they opened Little Steven’s Underground Garage Tour at Toad’s Place on October 17. Headliners were The Romantics (“What I Like About You”) and The Shadows of Knight (“Gloria”). We had a great time and rocked the joint!

Happy Birthday, Independisc!

8.15.06: The Mold Monkies will join ROPE and The Saucers for the Independisc 8th Birthday Bash on Saturday, September 9, at Café Nine in New Haven. The show starts at 9 p.m. and the Monkies go on at midnight. Come wish Gary Vollono and Independisc a happy birthday, and rock out with some of the area’s best music!

A Monky unplugged

8.7.06: Russell Shaddox of the Mold Monkies will be playing a solo acoustic show at Books & Company in Hamden, Conn., on Friday, August 25. The show is a double-header with Peter Riccio of the Sawtelles, and it runs from 7 to 9 p.m. Russell will be playing a set of his non-Mold Monkies songs. Come here the softer side of a Monky, and find some great reading material while you’re at it. Part of the Songs from the Sofa series hosted by Frank Critelli.

We gots keys!

8.7.06: The Mold Monkies welcome a new addition to the band, Jeremy Hutchins on keyboards. Hutch is a talented guy whose bio will be online shortly, as soon as we can, uh, make it up. We're working on some new show dates now, so keep an eye out and come meet Hutch in person!

Where did we go?

5.18.06: After our shows in the early part of ’06, we took a bit of a break to take care of some individual projects. Thad went to southeast Asia. Nick acted in a funny play. Russell hit the pavement in search of new clients for his business. We have no idea what Paul did, and we’re not about to ask. Now we’re back together scoring some more area gigs and working on the new material for our second CD. We might also do some solo or acoustic-type shows, so watch this space for more info soon.

Two new Monky-shows at Café Nine

1.15.06: Flush from our fun show at The Space, The Mold Monkies are performing twice at Café Nine over the next six weeks. On Monday, January 23, the Monkies headline Beatnik 2000, along with a great lineup of spoken-word and musical artists. The fun starts at about 9 p.m. On Thursday, February 23, the Monkies play Triple Band Thursday with The Jellyshirts and Stickless Joy. It's a late one — the show starts at 10 p.m., and the Monkies take the stage about 11.

Monkies play The Space Jan. 12 UPDATED

12.25.05: The Mold Monkies played The Space in Hamden, Conn., with The Fells, Cliff Samuel-Hines, and Reptillicus. It was a pretty wild show with a mixture of (respectively) a Vermont post-hardcore power trio, a Katrina-transplanted avant-acoustic soloist, and a very precise, eclectic prog quintet — and then there we were. But we had a blast, and needless to say, we drew a different crowd than we were used to! You can see a couple of photos of the show.

Monkies debut live show! UPDATED

11.26.05: The Mold Monkies played their debut live performance on November 12 at the Eli Whitney Museum in Hamden, Connecticut. The show was part of a multi-band benefit that raised more than $7,500 for New Orleans musicians. We got a great crowd and had a blast. See a photo on the show dates page.

Hear the Mold Monkies song “John” performed live!

“Favorite album of 2005”

10.10.05: The Mold Monkies once again made the rotation this week on the Oct. 9 weekend edition of James Velvet and Rick Allison’s Local Bands Show on WPLR 99.1 FM. They played "Out of Control” and referred to O Brave Yet Ignorant Swine as their "favorite album of 2005.” Thanks, guys! Check out the streaming audio.

Monkies available on Amazon.com

10.07.05: The Mold Monkies album, O Brave Yet Ignorant Swine, is now available at Amazon.com. Witness capitalism at work.

Tascione picks up the sticks

9.18.05: Paul Tascione, formerly of the Absolute Zeros, has graciously agreed to be our live drummer as we start to book some shows. Nick is happy about this — he was getting tired of trying to play drums and bass at the same time.

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