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The Mold Monkies Release First “New” Material Since 2010

An astonishing development - The Mold Monkies are actually doing something that we've been thinking and talking about doing for approximately a decade (yes, we really are that hopeless). On Thursday, April 5, 2018, we will be releasing an EP of several tracks that we've recorded over the years since the publication of our last album, “Stoats Afire,” in 2010.

The new release, titled “Felonious Monks,” consists of three cover songs: two studio recordings previously released on compilation CDs by the Australian label Zero Hour Records, and one live recording (never before published). The studio recordings are full studio extravaganzi in the Mold Monkies' classic everything-plus-the-kitchen-sink style, with wall-to-wall guitars, multi-layered vocal harmonies and weird noises galore. The live track shows the other side of the band; it is a straight live recording, with no fixes, tweaks, overdubs or other fakery. CD copies of the EP will be available FREE OF CHARGE at the Mold Monkies upcoming show at Best Video in Hamden on April 5.

The songs on the EP are:

“The Same Mistakes” by The Records
Previously released in 2013 on the “Starry Eyed” Records tribute album (Zero Hour Records). This song is the first recorded collaboration with guitar guru Gerry Giaimo, who is now a full-time member of the band, and is currently working with Russ and Nick on the Mold Monkies third album.
(Trivia: Nick played “The Same Mistakes” many times back in the day, with Steve Deal's band Chopper. Stevo is also featured on the "Starry Eyed" tribute album, playing the song "So Sorry.")

“Rock and Roll 47" by Dwight Twilley
Previously released in 2014 on the “Twilley Won't Mind” Dwight Twilley tribute album (Zero Hour Records).

“I'm The Man” by Joe Jackson
Recorded live at Elm City Brewery in 2008, and featuring Thad Brown on guitar and Paul Tascione (ex of The Absolute Zeros) on drums.

EP Preview: click here to download the Mold Monkies’ version of “Rock and Roll 47” by Dwight Twilley

Contact Nick Appleby at nickappleby42@gmail.com for more information on The Mold Monkies, the EP release, or the upcoming show

In other news: contrary to all appearances, The Mold Monkies are not dead, and barely even moldy. We are in fact working (or hardly working, har-de-har) on our third studio album, tentatively titled “Apesexy,” which will be released sometime when the planets align and brave (yet ignorant) swine sprout wings and fly.

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